Friday, November 2, 2012

Making a Baby: Week 9, Part 2

So, it's still Week 9. I have found out I like Week 9 even less than the infamous Week 7, with its Queasy. Week 9 laughed at The Queasy and has brought The Horking. If Week 9 was a tangible being, I would punch it right in its Wednesday.

Also, I'm still tired exhausted, and now I alternate between being ravenously hungry and feeling like I'm going to re-enact that nasty scene from the Exorcist. Or, to make things extra fun, I feel both at the same time. Oh, Week 9, you are such a cruel bastard.

I am trying to eat healthy, but my interest in cooking has dropped below zero. So, R is cooking. This means steaks, take-out, or whatever thing can be heated in the oven. I have alternated between being grumpy about this and happily exploring my take-out options.

Then there is the non-existent exercise routine I have going. I was doing my prenatal routine twice a week. But I stopped because The Queasy, then The Horking, and also the ever popular, "screw this I'm tired."

Thus, I feel crappy and guilty. Hooray for Week 9. Let's throw it a party and lace its cake with strychnine.

I do have other things to write about, but I'll take those on later. Right now, I'm going to try and force myself to eat some lentils.

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