Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Babies and toddlers and stuff

We all know I've been gone because pregnant. 'Nuff said.

Here's the recap:
I got to throw up through week 16. That's 3 1/2 months of erping.

THEN, during week 17, my pelvis began radiating fire. It turns out that as your joints loosen, they can do so asymmetrically. Basically, the right and left sides of my pelvis were playing twister with each other. Now, I'm not one to cry uncle very often, but WOW. That hurt. It tapered off some and I have found some stretches and exercises that help a little. But that was another 2 weeks on the couch.

Man, this had better be the cutest baby ever!

So, here I am, now 25 weeks pregnant. I'm trying to work myself slowly back into some semblance of physical fitness. Cat/Cow, kegal, kegal, kegal...all you pregnant ladies know what I'm talking about.

My tummy is filled with visible baby movement. My heartburn is actually minimal (thank you Gods of stomach acid and esophageal sphincters!). And I'm starting to think about how this swelling stomach actually contains a real person!

It's so much more real the second time. You have a better idea of what to expect. For instance, every time she starts kicking I think, "and this will be a time I'll be nursing." Soon I will put together a spreadsheet and start tracking her awake patterns to determine when/if I will get to sleep once she arrives.*

*What?! If you've read this blog at all, you know I'm riding the nerd train to the end of this pregnancy...or forever. Feels like the same thing.

Then there's the toddler. Our goofy, funny, super smart toddler who is perched on the edge of toilet training. He can stay dry all day if you remind him to sit on the potty. He used to even go there himself before, for no reason anyone can fathom, he decided not to. And I'm trying to hold it together and keep up with the praise and minimize the negative even though child, you will be potty trained long before the baby comes because there will be no regression!!!  Not that I'm worried or obsessed or anything.

Other things on the to-do-list before baby arrives:
1) finish first kid's baby book
2) sleep as much as humanly possible (HAHAHhahaha, just kidding. We already have one kid, so the days of sleeping are dead)
3) try to squeeze in some date nights (we already have a sitter so we can attend the presidential caucus, so that's pretty hot)
4) teach first kid to be completely self-sufficient in the next few months

Seems doable.