Who the heck is Call Me Jo?

Call Me Jo is a very small, loud person. She has a hard time describing herself, and sincerely wonders what good it does, since you will obviously come to your own conclusions. Good for you! Just don't judge too harshly since she tends to be sarcastic and flippant and most of what she writes should not be taken seriously by anyone.

Call Me Jo lives with her husband, R, her preschooler son, soon to be a real-life baby girl, and her adorably annoying cat in beautiful northern Idaho.

Here are some of the things Call Me Jo does in her free time:

  • Researching ALL THE THINGS
  • Supporting local business - especially eating local
  • Healthy cooking
  • Attempted gardening
  • Creative endeavors of all kinds - especially painting, drawing and writing (some of them can be purchased here
  • Outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, swimming and camping
  • Reading!
  • Playing video games with her husband (we all have our weaknesses)
  • Practical decorating - cheap and functional!

Call Me Jo is an Experimental Social Psychologist (what a mouthful!) who does applied research, primarily in the public health sector. She works from home (officially its off-site telecommuting) and sees a lot less people on a daily basis than she once did. This is what inspired the blogging. It was a better alternative than creating an imaginary friend.