Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making a Baby: Week 9

I had my first prenatal visit yesterday and I didn't have to get a full pelvic exam, since I had just gotten one over the summer. Win!! AND, because that left us with additional time, the NP gave me a beside ultrasound!   So I got to see the baby!! SUPER WIN!

I can't stop smiling. I came home and kept telling R how there's a baby in me. Really. I saw it! I saw it's little heart beat. It's totally laying inside me, growing and twitching around and stuff!

Other than that, lots of peeing in cups and way too much blood drawn, and setting up more appointments. I don't know. It all because kind of meaningless really, because I saw my baby!!

I have been thinking about what this means, as far as telling our close friends and family. Part of me wants to just tell them because the baby now seems so real, and even if we got disappointing news from our screening results, I think I would want to be able to talk to someone about how bad that sucks. Or if I miscarry, I think I want to some support...then I remember about how my family is and I start to rethink that.

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