Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making a Baby: Week 10

So far, Week 10 has been marginally better than Week 9. I'm hoping that this means that The Queasy and The Horking are tapering off for good. It's easy to say that right now because I am momentarily feeling fine. That, I tell myself, is a very good sign because I haven't felt fine in weeks. But this might just be a feeble ray of sunshine that's soon to be swallowed up by the storm clouds of nausea. (As I wrote that line, the sun was eclipsed by clouds. That seems like an ominous omen.)

Today is the first day that I am wearing a belly band. Technically, I could button this pair of jeans but it certainly isn't comfortable. So bloat, teeny-tiny baby belly, and my desire for comfort win.

In other baby related news, we have told our family about the baby. After seeing it on an ultrasound it just seemed too real to hide. Also, if anything were to happen, we decided we'd like to be able to talk about it.

The various family members reacted much as I expected. My mother-in-law called me to talk about being pregnant...and to make a number of 'helpful' suggestions, like go find pregnant friends. My mom asked me if I had already gained weight (thanks mom). My dad laughed when I admitted to having morning sickness.

Also, I have an appointment for a chorionic villus sampling in a week and a half. This type of screening will, with a high rate of accuracy, be able to tell us about a number of potential chromosomal and genetic problems that the baby might be born with. Honestly, right now, I am more concerned with the test than the outcome...probably because that whole giant needle part. Instead of the potential problems with the test itself, or the test results, I am choosing to focus on the bright side: this test will tell us the baby's sex!

We are planning on being as gender neutral as possible (read: as our family allows because I know they want to buy pink and blue ASAP) with regard to the nursery and clothes. We'd just like to know the sex because it makes the baby that much more real. And makes pronoun usage easier. Plus, NAMES! We already have a boy name we're 100% set on. We had a girl name too, but recently that first name rose from obscurity and became popular. Now we're trying to decide if that means we don't like that name anymore. Knowing the baby's sex might make that a moot point and I can happily stop fuming because that was OUR name! How dare society become aware of it!

So that's Week 10 and the official baby wrap up.

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