Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Again with the disappearing act. I know. Soon all my blog posts will be about why I'm not posting.


But this time, I have a very good reason. You see, Internet, I have done got knocked up again.

That's right. I am growing a second baby. And this time, pregnancy is AWFUL. I have been super sick since Week 5. I'm in Week 12 right now and I am still nauseous and gaggy and Ewwww. The joys of creating life.

I'm taking DiGlegis, which does reduce the sickness some. Not enough but this medication is basically risk free for baby, so I'm sucking it up...spending a lot of quality time with my toilets. Eating SO much because, ironically, eating is the only thing that can stop the puking. Trying to force yourself to eat while nauseous is truly a test in willpower. It just seems so unfair that I'm already gaining weight while throwing up so much.

But whatevs because baby. And, thanks to the power of science, we already know that we are having a baby girl. One of each. Hit the genetic lottery.

If I don't sound more excited it's because of the gross and all the tired. Tired because pregnant. Because toddler. And, oh Irony my old friend, the side effect of the medication I am taking is fatigue. HA!

So, basically I'm sleeping, puking, and eating. I am sexy she-beast of the baby pooch and puffy eyes. Fear me because I am understandably short tempered and filled with food cravings. Also, I'm already outgrowing my clothes and I DO NOT want to wear those maternity clothes. I should have burned them, but then I would have to shop and spend money on clothes I don't like when I need to save for this second kid because holy hell, what were we thinking??

And that, Internet, is what's up.