Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Warning: Political Post

I have not shared my political feelings about this election on Facebook. Instead, I encouraged my friends, whether their candidate won or lost, to urge their representatives to work together to improve this country. I am genuinely concerned about the extremist positions being touted by US politicians these days. Even while Obama was being confirmed, the Speaker of the House was sending out tweets that he would refuse to work with the president on our country's financial concerns. That's disgusting and disgraceful. The House of Representatives has done nothing in the past several years to move our country forward, preferring instead to deadlock it - hurting millions of US citizens and causing migraine-inducing media frenzy.


That said, here's what I really want to say about our country's presidential election: WAHOO! Obama took the win and ran with both the electoral and popular vote. Thank Reason that Mitt Romney wasn't elected!

After the presidential defeat and the smack down in the Senate, I hope that the Republican party has learned a few important things. 1) Stop throwing the word rape around like it's a casual issue; 2) Stop being such bigots! Most of our country believes in equality regardless of race or sexual orientation*; 3) Money doesn't guarantee a political office.

*Dudes, gay marriage is taking the country by storm! The rest of us our happy about it. Take off your pouty pants and be happy with us! If you need some help, swing by Colorado or Washington :)

And no more of this! From either party.

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