Friday, November 16, 2012

There Are SO Aliens!

Seriously, you guys, there are. Before you roll your eyes and leave this page, just hear me out.

There are billions of planets in our galaxy. Billions! That's a lot of zeros. And I'm only counting in our galaxy - that's not counting the untold number of galaxies in our universe, and that's completely discounting the very real possibility of multiple universes. Just look up at the sky and marvel at how many stars there are, and remember we can't even see them all! Orbiting the vast majority of those stars are planets, often multiple planets. ALSO, there are orphan planets that are just floating around, unattached to any particular fact, those wily scientists are estimating that there are billions of these nomadic planets in our own galaxy, too. Orbiting many planets - thanks to gravity - are moons, and let's not get tricked into thinking that all moons are dead rock like ours; moons are simply smaller versions of planets.

We are talking about some seriously large numbers!

Us, a piece of lint next to our sun. Our sun, a speck of dust in our galaxy. Our galaxy, a  molecule in the universe...............                                                           you get the picture.

Let's say the conditions for the emergence of life was very unlikely*. So unlikely that life could only come about in one in a hundred billion planets, that still gives us a pretty good chance that life has sprung up on one or two planets/moons in our galaxy. That pretty much guarantees that there are lots of planets with life on them in various parts of the universe. It becomes a near certainty that existence is swarming with life when you start taking into account parallel universes.

*I am not actually saying that. I'm just humoring you.

Thus, facts + logic = aliens.

I won't get into abductions, crop circles, and anal probing. The likelihood of those acts being perpetrated by regular, run-of-the-mill people is high enough that I don't think we need to bring aliens into it.  I'm just saying that the law of large numbers tells us that there are very likely aliens. They probably look nothing like us, and if we are very lucky they won't act like us either.

If aliens have come down and visited us, I'm convinced that they are masquerading as extremely religious, intolerant church leaders, allowing them to stir up bigotry in an attempt to get us to destroy each other. WHAT? That idea contains just as much truth as any Westboro Baptist sermon.

I hope I made your day a little weirder :)

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