Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Times, and Things, They Are a'Changin'

Well, January is here. Though I am saddened by the persistent lack of flying cars and teleporters, I am excited that it is 2012! And if technology won't live up to my expectations, I can still hope that my own life will.

Internet - we are going to be trying to have a baby. Gasp! It is true. A real, for really real baby. One that is ours and we can't take back ever...[insert contemplative pause].

This means that we have been making a number of changes in the past few months.

1) We've been taking vitamins. A prenatal for me and a multi-vitamin for him to make sure we each have enough folic acid.

2)We have been eliminating as many hormone blocking chemicals and artificial hormones from our lotions/soaps/etc. as possible. I won't get into the specifics because they are panic inducing, but there are a lot of chemicals that the typical American slathers on every day and many are not good.

3) We have been researching foods. Some boost fertilization (yogurt, cheese, brussel sprouts), while others are suggested in the first trimester to ensure proper baby development. And, of course, there are all those things I will no longer be allowed to have. SO many things, including some of my favorite cheeses and, of course, caffeine and alcohol. And, as I have mentioned here, I love these things. But I have given them up for the foreseeable future.

Also, a house, we want one. We have a neighborhood in mind and will soon be scheduling to look at the three houses up for sale and in our price range. But we still have a few months to sit and stew on possible new houses. And search obsessively on the Internet. And fantasize.

These are the two all-consuming changes that we are looking forward to. What are you hoping for in 2012?

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