Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Place You've Probably Never Been

We have just returned from Wyoming. Yes, you read that right. Wyoming. In case you don't know, it's the big rectangular state that separates the other mostly rectangular states from the one that looks like a boot. You know, where all the aliens go in the movies. Also, there's Yellowstone - that's where the bears all try to swipe your pick-enick baskets.

R is from Wyoming and you can usually find us shivering there during the holidays. The last xmas we were there it was negative thirty degrees. Also, in order to enjoy this frigid, wind-blown landscape, we must brave crappy weather conditions and canceled/delayed flights in order to get there and then again to leave. This has been the foundation for my frequent claims that this is the last year we are going to Wyoming in the winter! (Note: This claim apparently has no impact on reality whatsoever)

So I am pleased to report that it was warm in Wyoming this year. A balmy forty degrees! - and no, I am not joking. I walked around without a coat and was damn chipper the whole time.

The improved weather conditions allowed me to more fully appreciate the beauty of the scenary and wildlife, which are there in abundance. I have no interest in living there, but the mountains rising from rolling plains dotted with herds of deer and antelope can be quite impressive. It makes me shake my head when I realize how often I took/take it for granted...but living there, or in Montana, which is for all practical purposes the same thing, makes you forget that there are people crammed into cities who have never seen such vast expanses of unmarred scenary.

Also, there were friends and family, laughing and gossip. All good things. I will miss that, because this was the last year we're going to Wyoming in the winter.

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