Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This girl drinks beer

Well, Internet, what would you like to discuss today? Mmmm, no, I don't think that would be very appropriate. Let's stick with something safe - I know, how about beer?!

I love beer. Which still seems a bit odd, because there was a time that a proffered beer led me to make little gaggy noises. But R, my husband, coaxed me into trying wheat beer (the PG13 of beer) and slowly I began trying other kinds of tasty fermented malts and hops. It was touch and go for a while, and I mainly stuck with mixed drinks.

**Note: In case you haven't noticed, girls rarely drink beer. I think this is sexist. Women, drop the martini and grab yourself a bottle of fermented malt this minute...maybe then beer commercials will start showing slovenly women getting themselves a piece of half-naked hunky man-flesh**

But a week in Germany and beer and I cultivated quite a love affair. Oh beer, how I love thee, let me count the ways: amber ale, lager, dunkel, stout, IPA, Belgian ales, golden ales, seasonals...the list goes on and on. My tastes have surpassed R's. And, overtime, I have turned into a veritable beer snob (my coffee snobbery should have foreshadowed how this would turn out; I've owned my own espresso machine since I was 18! The only cheap coffee I ever drink is the first cup of hotel coffee, which gets me to the nearest gourmet coffee bar.). Important side note: good does not necessarily mean expensive! (But a lot of time it does.) 

R and I always have an eye out for microbreweries. Where we go out to eat often revolves around beer selection. There is usually a couple different selections of beer in our fridge - often purchased with consideration for what we will be eating over the next few days.

Before the shock and judgmental mutterings commence, let me point out that in an average day I have a single beer - usually with dinner. Admittedly, this average tends to go up in the summer because: summer. Obviously.

There are a couple of reasons that drinking and beer has been on my mind lately. 1) There is an Irish Pub a mere 4 blocks from our newly rented house! Score!! 2) Many of my friends from high school [now known as Facebook Friends] are religious and Do Not Drink Ever and the majority of the pictures I post on Facebook have beer in them. Beer sitting innocently at the table, in every single person's hand at BBQs, raised in toasts, etc....I'm fairly certain that many of my high school friends are praying for my soul right now. 3) I vaguely recall that you aren't supposed to drink when you are pregnant and, if things work out, I will be in that very situation in just a few months. Oh WOE! Please, beer, don't forget me. 4) There is a live music festival coming up this week and I just read online that there will be several "adult beverage stations." And that got me thinking...I wonder what kind of beer they'll have there?

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