Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Only Concrete Thing Here Is A Fish

Look at me, all bloggity two days in a row. Hot damn, I impress myself.

I just wanted to update the whole world (or, you know, the random people who read this) about our goings on.

The house, that may have been the house, is currently residing in limbo. The owners don't want to budge on the asking price, and since we aren't in a major hurry, we have decided to move on. We are looking at even more houses today.* If we don't find anything better, we may reevaluate what that house is worth to us. If we do find something better, I think we should drive by that first house and thumb our noses at the owners.

*Geeky disclosure: R and I have made a rating form for each house, which also allows us to take notes on all the rooms, extra features, neighborhood, etc. We bring a print out with us for each house...which we carry on a clipboard. Soon we will upgrade to pocket protectors and the world will be our lego.

The status of the potential baby is also residing in limbo. We are in a holding pattern just waiting for me to be able to pee on a stick. There have been certain signs of possible baby...but that might be completely psychological. (Except I didn't know that headaches/light headedness were a sign and I totally have been headachy, which is very unlike me...so maybe? Maybe not? Ack!)

Also, we bought a fish. As in, I bought a fish on impulse and R was all, do we really need a fish? Ummm...yes? Obviously. Sheesh. So, we have Malcom. Malcom, the world. The world, Malcom.

Full pet-related disclosure: I am TOTALLY an animal person. I may have reservations about people, but I'm gung ho about animals. I have had rabbits, fish, mice, cats, a ferret, a turtle, lizards, a snake, and dogs. This list would be much longer, but my parents are NOT animal people...thus, the list becomes a symbol of my persistence and desire to embrace my animal brethren. R is aware of this tendency; it will be his job to keep our potential children from bringing home all animals all the time. Because I will likely be, 'Hellz yes, we can keep it! Does it have any siblings?'

And that, Internet, is whatz up.

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