Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Definitely More Than A Refrigerator Box

We have started the house hunting! [dramatic music] It is both exciting and nerve wracking.

Upon deciding you like something, even if it is not the perfect something and you are hoping to find better, you begin to cling possessively to that option. The "this house is good but not great - but what if someone buys it and we can't find anything better?! Oh NO!!" phenomenon. By looking at several houses, you guarantee this will happen. Which is great - anxiety builds character.

However, we plan on staying in our new house for a long time, and it had better snap, crackle, and pop while doing the rumba (and my dishes). In other words, it needs to be as close to perfect as possible. You know, be something better than a refrigerator box.

We have a long wish list of characteristics we are looking for in a house, yard, and neighborhood and I have high hopes we will find something that meets most, if not all, of those criteria. Inevitably, I would like it to cost less than it will. So, if anyone knows of a house with huge walk-in closets near a park that the owners are just giving away, please let me know.

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