Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Baby

I've heard that you can tell a baby's personality in the womb. Here's what he's shown us so far:

He's strong. He made his presence known early and with vigor. Even with an anterior placenta, you could easily identify his place in the world.

He's stubborn. He knows what he wants. If he wants to lay in a particular position, then that is where he is staying. He defends it, pushing back, refusing to be moved or impinged upon. He defends his space, forcing his tiny body against the bed, R, anything that is applying pressure to him.

He's active. Oh my, is he active! Sometimes it's a pain, literally, as he pushes, and stretches, and jabs me with those spiky little elbows. But it is also endearingly sweet. The other night, in the wee hours of the morning, I lay listening to the slow steady breathing of my husband, and smiled as I felt our baby performing tiny bicycle kicks inside me. I lay my hand gently over him, able to feel his tiny leg, his little heels, as he circled those developing limbs round and round, round and round.

He likes his daddy's voice. When R talks to my belly, our baby will immediately calm, listening. Sometimes he'll even fall asleep (which can be such a relief!). R treasures this connection. I treasure the sweetness of the act, the speaking, the listening.

I can't wait for this little guy to join us in the world. I sometimes get a pang, an emotion I can't identify, when I think of what it must be like to come into the world. A world you know nothing about, did not even suspect was there. I worry for him, yet I can't wait to welcome him home.

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