Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diapers. That's right. Diapers.

FYI I'm talking about cloth diapers.

I just order what I think will be the last of the diaper stash until the little guy makes an appearance. I know I haven't talked about it a lot, but trust me when I say I've obsessed a bit over the diapers. I've researched, I've compared, I've asked friends, I've read endless (and often contradictory) diaper reviews.

We started buying diapers early, as in 1st trimester early, because it was completely practical to spread the cost over the pregnancy. We (And yes, I mean we. R is totally on board and interested in cloth diapers and thinks they are adorable...admittedly not as interested as I am, but that's probably a good thing.) decided to try a few different types of diapers and a few different brands. We also agreed to a bit of risk and ordered some from Etsy - for the record, the ones from Etsy seem on par to the brand name diapers but I was pretty selective; also, I haven't used them yet.

So today I made the last diaper purchase and it makes me a bit sad. I've still got 3 months to go and no more diapers to buy. How am I going to spend my free time? I guess I'll just go pull out all the diapers and stare at them wistfully, trying to imagine our new baby boy swaddled in poop catching adorableness.

Oh, for those of you who care, birthing class was great. Two couples have already been voted off of friendship island, leaving only 7 couples to fight for the right to be our friends. Also, no one made me say what hopes I had for my birth...I had to write it out in a questionnaire. At least that gave me the ability to choose my wording carefully and not blurt things like "I just don't want scissors near my vag or a scalpel at my belly!" Instead, I said I would like to avoid surgical intervention if at all possible. Doesn't that sound more acceptable?

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