Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Making a Baby: Week 6

Well, I'm now 6 weeks pregnant, and so far so good. Things are going about the same as last week: SO very, very tired; pee, pee, pee, - oh wait, gotta pee; bloat; and boobs that are trying to outgrow my bras.

I really can't complain. There's been some mild cramping, my libido is at an all time low because I'm way too tired for all that, and I will start to get a wicked headache if I'm not chugging water all the time. Oh yeah, I'm also sporting two big pimples at any given time. It's not an adolescent takeover of my face, just two big pimples. One goes away, another forms somewhere else. But as far as uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms go, mine seem very mild so far. The only times I've been emotionally unbalanced is when I didn't get to nap. There were tears. Honestly, I felt like an overgrown toddler who missed nap time...which isn't too far off, really.

Oh, and I was tearing up throughout all of the Sixth Sense. Funny thing about that movie is how it's a different movie each time. Time 1: Scary. Time 2: Wow, I can't believe I missed all these subtle indicators of what was really going on! Time 3: This poor child is being tortured and punished and his whole existence is SO unfair!!

Anyway, I'm happy to report that there hasn't been any serious nausea or heartburn yet. I was very concerned that I would be hovering over a toilet for months on end based on my sensitivity to birth control pills (sometimes I threw up). No vomit = happiness, I guess.

However, pregnancy has complicated things somewhat. For instance, this upcoming weekend is filled with things I would normally be excited about, but all I can think of is how tiring it will be.  We will be going to a charity event on Saturday evening; that's after we do our regular farmer's market, shopping, preparing and freezing food for the winter thing in the afternoon. Then, Sunday, we are volunteering to help with the Community Garden clean up. We volunteered last Saturday for a shorter version of the cleanup and, though I tried to take it easy, I hate to think someone else might think I'm being lazy. Therefore, I pulled sunflowers with wild abandon, demolished wilted tomato vines, and carried load and load of frost-damaged vegetation to the compost pile. I was exhausted by the end of the day, didn't get a nap, and cried miserable, pregnant tears of over-tiredness. I'm going to do my best to avoid wearing myself out this weekend. I know I could always bail, but it's for charity! And also, I had so much fun doing it last year. I just need to drink more water and rest more frequently. And get that nap at the end of the afternoon!

Oh, and if all this wasn't enough, I have started volunteering to help coach the high school drama team. My neighbor is the assistant coach and when he found out I was in drama throughout high school he started plotting and scheming to get me to help out with the team. There wasn't a lot of arm twisting because I LOVED doing it and think it was a really great activity that helped prepare me for the real world. Not that I go fully costumed to work or anything, but having the confidence to get up and speak in front of people is a really important skill. So, I agreed to do it (way back before I was pregnant) and never heard back about it. Then, when we were pretty sure that I was pregnant and I had all but forgotten about the drama team, the coach called me up and asked me to come in and help. The drama season is short in this state, and happens to perfectly coincide with my first trimester. Oh, the irony. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that nasty pregnancy side effects pass me by, and that I don't cry in front of the high schoolers while they are doing serious/dramatic pieces. I guess I just have to prevent them from doing a piece based on the Sixth Sense.

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