Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making A Baby: Week 8

Well, I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Not much has changed. Bigger bloat belly, a single episode of dry heaving, and some serious contemplation about sleeping on the toilet; I'm always peeing and if I slept there I might not have to wake up so many times during the night. Damn, I sound so sexy.

I never looked forward to being pregnant. I expected it would happen, but it's the end result that I thought about most. Kind of like getting married. Before I was engaged, I never considered what kind of wedding I would have. In the end, we agreed to most of what our family wanted/expected because it seemed to matter more to them (with the notable exceptions that there was no church, preacher, or female subservience oath taking). As for my pregnancy, I am trying to do what the various books say is best for me and the baby. You know, eating certain foods (though I draw the line at salmon because blech), trying to exercise, sleeping lots. Mainly I'm good at sleeping lots.

I'm pregnant and only one other person besides my husband knows. We had to tell one of our friends because he kept loudly saying things like, "You're not drinking beer. Are you pregnant??" So R took him out, had a beer, and told him our news - then swore him to secrecy. Now, this friend says things like, "Going for more water? It must be because you drank so much last night, huh?", followed by conspicuous winking. **sigh**

As I've said before, we are trying to keep the baby a secret until we've passed into the second trimester and gotten certain test results back. At that point, we'll feel more comfortable sharing our news. What that means is that I've had to verbally dodge the pregnancy question with several family members. I'm trying very hard not to lie. Basically, I've become a verbal ninja. Them: (out of nowhere) "Are you pregnant yet?"* Me:"Why do you keep asking me about my sex life?" We'll see how long this will work.

*My family has zero tact and they know that R and I are finally contemplating a family.**

**I should have never admitted that.

And that's week 8. On Monday I will have my first OB appointment. I don't know what to say about that. It makes me nervous. Also, I'm one of those rare women who dislike full pelvic exams. I know, weird.

Note to self: Do not look up images of a speculum. The images that pop up will totally erase the humor of adding a picture of the device to your blogpost. Also, you will now know what it looks like inside another woman's vagina.

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