Friday, February 1, 2013

Sharing the Music in My Life

I came across this musician recently: Her name is Lindsey Stirling (if you couldn't tell from the website moniker), and I've really been enjoying her music.

She's a contemporary violinist that creates beautiful, upbeat dubstep. Her music reminds me of Infected Mushroom's (yes, that's a musical group not a worrisome yard fungus) Classical Mushroom album, which combines classical music with more standard electronica. Also, Bond, which is an electric string quartet.

Semi-informed musical genre speak aside, if you have any appreciation for classical music you should check her out. You can also find several of her music videos on YouTube, if you're into that sort of thing. 

This type of music is fantastic when I'm working. The lack of words eliminates most distraction, while the complexity of the music can keep my mood and work pace upbeat. Also, it just sounds cool.

Extra bonus: the baby seems to like it.* I swear, he starts moving around more with the swell, peaks and valleys of this type of music than to Indie rock or other however you classify The Black Keys/Mumford and Sons/Adele/etc. that's usually playing in the background at our house. 

*You didn't think I'd be able to complete a post without mentioning the baby, now did you?

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