Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Different Kind of Belly Dancing

Internet, I have exciting news! Yesterday we saw the baby move for the first time!

In the morning, I saw a tiny bulge that coincided with the sensation of being kicked and I quickly called R. I had to point out the spot on my belly and we both stared hard until we saw the little twitch. I thought that was as exciting as it was going to get, but I keep underestimating this kid's physical abilities.

Last night, as we were lying in bed, our little guy woke up for his nightly jazzercising session, except this time it was different. Each kick resulted in an obvious bulge in my belly. R and I watched in fascination for the next 10 minutes as my belly pushed out in response to our baby kicking. It was amazing.

Though it's nothing like this yet:

Almost as amazing, the baby has moved further up and is off my bladder. Oh blessed relief! I have gotten so used to the constant pressure that I was shocked by the lack of "I need to pee" sensation that I'm now experiencing. No worries though. I am sure he'll be snuggling back up to his favorite organ again in no time.

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