Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Making a Baby: Weeks 22 and 23

Ugh. I did it again. I was SURE I would post my Week 22 update last week. So sure...but sadly, I just suck.  I will try to meet my expectations half way and talk about each week separately.

Week 22 brought a fun surprise: stretch marks. Yep. My Denial tried to explain away the red marks under my nipples but after they literally multiplied overnight Denial shrugged, muttered something about genetics, and wandered away in the direction of my expanding thighs. So there you have it. My boobs have stretch marks. Did not see that one coming. I had expected them on my belly, but not my boobs.  Pregnancy holds nothing to be sacred.

I tried not to get upset. I tried to force myself to just get over it. Finally, I allowed myself to throw a little pity party, which primarily consisted of chocolate and a lot of glaring at the mirror, and I started to feel better. I'm not happy about it, but it is what it is. I guess you can't grow 1 1/2 bra cup sizes in a few months and not experience some wear and tear.

Also, my appetite ramped up and my energy took a bit of a nose dive. I'm pretty sure these things correlate with a growth spurt for the baby...I can tell because the effects are visible, as in I can't see my feet if I look straight down.

Week 23 was most notable for the kick boxing. At least, that's what I'm assuming the little guy is doing in there. This kid can literally go for hours and I fear for my internal organs in the months to come! The cutest thing about this is that R can get him to stop. When he gets close and talks to my belly, the baby stops to listen. Sometimes the little guy will even settle down and go back to sleep! R is the baby whisperer! I am SO hoping that this continues after baby comes out!

The neatest thing about this week was the "what's this?" game. The baby is big enough that you can sometimes see a bulge in my belly. Oftentimes, my belly looks a bit like a Picasso painting because the baby is curled up on one side. Other times I can run my hand over my belly and feel a solid little mass. I haven't been able to determine what part of him it is, and, based on his wriggling away, I don't think he likes it when I spend much time trying to discover what it is. But it's a fabulous game! Is this a head or a little baby bottom? I think this is his back! This is either a knee or a foot jabbing me right here.

Also adorable, baby hiccups.

Now, without further interruption, I bring you ridiculous baby belly pictures:

Week 22

Week 23

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