Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making a Baby: Week 19 and 20

Okay, originally I was going to make this two separate posts, but I can't wait to talk about Week 20. Frankly, Week 19 is lucky it got mentioned at all.

Let me see if I can think of anything worth talking about from Week 19. Um...nope. Moving on.

We got to see the baby! Our Week 20 ultrasound was on Monday. And he is adorable! That's right he, as in I have a penis inside me.* Mommy intuition won out. I've been slipping and using the male pronoun for weeks, then awkwardly trying to cover it up by hastily adding 'or she.' Well, those days are behind me. I will proudly say 'he' as often as I like.

*I can't stop saying that. I think it's hilarious. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one.

Also, for all our talk about being happy with either sex, it turns out we were hiding a deep dark preference. Especially R, who literally hopped around the exam room whispering "It's a boy" when we were alone.

Frequent readers may recall that my MIL was certain we were having a girl. We have been witness to some pretty serious backpedaling in the last few days. My favorite: I was at a disadvantage because I hadn't actually seen you. *chuckle*

Even better than a penis, our baby is perfectly healthy. He's growing and growing (now at the 53rd percentile in length, up from the 43rd percentile at his 12 week photo shoot). And he's turning out to be quite an athlete. Words that medical staff have used to describe our baby: active, crazy, and busy.

Another fun fact, my placenta is anterior, meaning up against my belly. Usually, this means mommies don't feel their babies as early and tend not to feel as much movement. Having felt this little guy at 15 weeks, and his daddy able to feel him at only 17 weeks, we can assure the medical staff that they are right. This active/crazy/busy guy is also pretty strong!

Further, the sharp cervical pain I was beginning to worry about was explained. The little guy is head down and headbutting me. Seriously, we watched him do it. Again. And again.

Other than that, we're simply going overboard buying baby things. R seems to have started nesting. He reorganized the pantry, cleaned the garage, put together the pack n' play, bassinet, and crib, and emptied the guestroom furniture out of the nursery. Mostly I watched while eating various chocolates.

Now, without further ado, the belly pic:

Week 19: I swear I feel 10xs this big.

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