Friday, August 3, 2012

Some of the Things

Well, I've been busy (who hasn't? I know, but seriously, the busy, I has it!).

Since I've wrote last we hiked 5 miles up a mountain, me with a 30 lb. pack and R with a 50 lb. pack. We camped at this gorgeous mountain lake, where snow still clung to the white granite, even though it was at least 80 degrees. We camped on a crest of rock between the lake and this immense, flat bluff of granite that provided a view of the surrounding mountains. The next morning, we broke camp and went fishing, which was more like staring down into the perfectly clear water and watching the little trout totally ignore the flies we tossed toward them. Fabulous. Here, look:

Then, of course, we had to hike back down the mountain. Thankfully, going down is a lot easier than up (way to go gravity!), because we  were pretty stiff that second day.

Then we met up with friends and went zip lining (pictures will be shown soon, I promise). Followed by boating, swimming, being pulled on the tube, and a failed attempt at knee boarding. Then we did it all again the next day - minus zip lining. And then back on the boat again a third day, followed by a bbq, many martinis, and some games.

It has truly been awesome. And also exhausting. And I'm pretty sore all over. Also tired. And did I mention that I did work on several of these days, in between all that fun and exercise? I did. And thus, the busy!

But I'm not complaining. I'm just psyched for the adventures and good times. I must be crazy, but that's okay because I'm lovin' it!

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