Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things That Are Not About Dogs At All

Sup? I've been summering - around all the crappy work I have to do. I become so disenchanted with work in the summertime. I'm all, but I wanna go outsiiiiide! Instead, I sit at the computer and stab my keyboard malevolently.

Anyway, as I am not with child, we have decided to make this summer as epic as possible (given all that damn work I have to do). We made a list of Things That Will Be Done This Summer, and it includes lots of camping. We've gone once with the dogs - that trip involved fly fishing*. We'll go backpack camping this weekend. I'm so excited to hike several miles into the bear-infested boonies to sleep on the ground that many of my friends think I should be committed. And later we'll camp at Heyburn State Park and ride our bikes on this insanely beautiful trail that crosses lakes and railroad trestles and it just makes me so damn happy!

*Note: fly fishing kind of sounds pretentious, so I should mention this was only my second time and, due to an angry yellow jacket, I ended up diving into the river to save my sunglasses. There. Had to get rid of any notions that I'm cultivated.

Also, next week we are going...wait for it...ziplining! R is afraid of heights, so he's got some mixed emotions (though it was totally his idea, so don't think I'm torturing him). I, on the other hand, can't wait to fling myself down a thin cable high above the ground.

Plus, there's been swimming and hiking and lots of walks. Picnics and yard games and reading books. This means that my laundry pile is as big as me and we've eaten just about all the meals I'd stocked away in the freezer. I've also had to do all this while wincing because, if you recall, those damn hormones I'm having to take have given me the most painfully swollen rack. Seriously, I never thought I'd rather have my smallish boobs but damn, I miss them.

Finally, we have friends coming Labor Day...which sounds like a long ways away until we think about the list of things that we need to get done before they arrive. This includes buying a couch so that the futon can be moved into the spare bedroom. This is especially complicated because R and I cannot agree on a couch because he wants something that reclines and I want something that isn't fugly. I'm guessing that they make reclining love seats that don't look like over-stuffed carnival rides, but we haven't seen any yet. So, somewhere in between the fun stuff and my damn work deadlines, we've got to go furniture shopping (again, because we have gone but only to the stores that sell fugly). Aww, first world problems.

Of course, there's serious stuff going on too, but it's neither funny nor entertaining and I'm doing my best to ignore it. Instead, look at this picture and drool over it's glorious outsideness:

The St. Joe River.

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