Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shallow Thoughts

Well, last week my in-laws were here. We had fun. We saw the view from on top of a mountain, we went out boating, we ate great food. I worked frantically most mornings, trying desperately to keep my head above the growing pile of to-do lists.

And now, R's vacation is over and I have a week to get as much done as I can before our friends start showing up for our big Labor Day Reunion. Which I'm really looking forward to when I'm not starting to panic because I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!! AGGHHH!

Other social obligations are piling up and I really want to tell my next friend who says they miss me and want to chat that, no. I cannot chat. I have to much too do and I'm really not that interesting anyway. Please go away.

Not the worst type of trouble, surely, but it's been a lot to balance. Between all this kick-ass fun and frantic working, the garden has been neglected, the yard needs tending, I have 50 billion things to prepare for our incoming guests, and the laundry. My god, the laundry! I swear it's breeding down there. Multiplying, gathering forces, and plotting to take over the whole house. I can just hear the war cry now, "Down with clean! Our time is nie!" *shudder*

I keep getting even more assignments from work, and someday, I SWEAR, I will learn to say no. That I am too busy. But that time is apparently not now.

So back to it. Work, work, work.

P.S. Writing this post prompted me to take advantage of rare cool temperatures and tend to the garden and the yard (after 10 hours at my desk working). Thus, I can now rationalize my blogging. Blogging = motivation = getting shit done.

P.P.S. That last sentence is pretty much bullpucky. Don't hold me to it.

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