Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My world in a diaper, I mean nutshell.

There's got to be stuff to talk about that isn't baby-related*. Like how it's spring, which means crazy weather that somehow shocks people every year by being crazy and unpredictable. It's almost as if spring is a transitional season or something.

Or the government. Nothing's getting accomplished. Inter- and intra-party fighting. All. The. Time. What is with that??

Or...I don't know. I'm having a hard time thinking about anything else because the baby is always kicking me.

As his arrival gets closer, I am really finding it harder and harder to think about anything else. It's not just the excitement of finally getting to hold the little guy, though there is plenty of that. My physical condition (lack of space to do essential things like breath and digest food, the ever-present need to pee, waddling, a fairly inflexible torso, and sporadic fetal kicks/rolls/elbows/hiccups/thrashing) kind of forces the fact to the front of my mind.

All our free time is spent preparing for the baby. Birthing classes, cloth diapering classes, infant CPR, baby registries, baby shower, hospital tour, doctors' appointments, making food ahead for when the baby is here...we could almost be a really bad reality TV show. "What happens when you take two chronically over-prepared people and point out that their first baby will be here in less than two months? Watch as the hilarity ensues!" Except it would be pretty boring - though thoroughly informative - as we make check lists and research different types of reusable wipes (anyone have strong opinions on fleece vs cotton? Besides the 1,100 people who left discrepant reviews online, I mean).

Also, it's all anyone wants to talk about. Two-thirds of the population I interact with brings it up directly and the other third stares. SO, it's not really my fault.

Still, I feel like I should be able to come up with something. Not just for this blog, but for my life, which has become very baby-centric and the little guy isn't even here yet. I mean, how many times can I marvel over the same tiny little socks? How many more final touches can I put on the nursery? (For the record, I have not only done these two paintings, I have made curtains, a mobile, hung several things, had R paint the nightstand, and framed/matted a batik print, in addition to the sorting and organizing that goes on continuously. I won't even discuss the organization and rearranging that is occurring elsewhere in the house.) Yet, such a life altering change is coming our way, and we are so excited for it that it seems impossible to ignore, even for a moment.

Any other pregnant women experiencing this?

*I wrote the majority of this post before the Boston marathon bombing occurred. This event is unfathomable to most of us and the level of pain and panic that it has caused is nothing to skim over. I am deeply sorry for the devastation brought to so many lives. I chose to continue this post in the vein in which it was started, however, because a pregnant woman can only focus so much on tragedy.

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