Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making a Baby: Weeks 29, 30, & 31

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting (C'mon, I know you've just been sitting in front of your computer hitting 'refresh' over and over in hopes that I would get around to posting something. Don't try and deny it.). But you see, I had a big, important grant due and then I took the rest of the week off. I could do that because I've been working more than full-time for the last two months thanks to that grant. And also, I wanted to get away from the computer. Darned real world interfering with my Internet babble.

Anywho, the belly is still expanding. The baby is bigger and pokier than ever. As I write this I have two horribly painful spots on my swollen abdomen - I'm guessing they are an elbow and a knee, though it's possible the latter is a foot. I also get the occasional fetal fist of fury, usually when I am trying to sleep.

The little guy's waking and sleeping patterns are more pronounced. Fortunately, he seems to sleep through the night. Just some squirming and then back to sleep. Admittedly, there are times he'll be awake for an hour or more at night, practicing his karate, but I count myself lucky that I can still get decent sleep. During the day, he can be awake for 2 or more hours at a time. Those are very active hours, filled with unexpected pressure, poking, and thrashing.

I feel like this should read more like a diary entry in a horror movie, something like this: The sudden pains continue to increase in intensity. I never know when they will strike. There are frequent, visible movements in my stomach. Bulging, pulsing, jittering movements. I fear what the future holds. (Of course this should be read dramatically by a teenage girl while creepy music swells and ebbs.)

In all seriousness, the baby's movements can go from "awww" to "OUCH!" in .02 milliseconds. Also, he has the ability to instantly cause heartburn or asphyxiation (or both simultaneously!) by shoving up into my diaphragm. It's kind of his super power.

I really can't differentiate between weeks at this point. Just more of the same: getting heavy, more easily winded all the time, outgrowing ALL THE THINGS, jabbing/kicking/hitting getting crazier, heartburn, rib pain, and being stared at by everyone every time I leave my house. Here are some belly pics.. Enjoy my growing hugeness or else I will eat you.

Week 29
Week 30

Week 31

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