Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes Life Kicks You In The Shins

Being kicked in the shins isn't horrible, but it certainly isn't pleasant and that's why it's a great metaphor for today. Nothing horrendous has happened today. There have been no natural disasters and no one's eye has fallen out of their head (yet). However, nothing has gone the way it should.

I had a horribly gruesome dream last night. It involved a witch who owned a rest stop/convenience store. Over the course of the dream, she kept casting spells on her patrons, forcing them to kill themselves or their loved ones. Parents were forced to kill their children. People committed suicide in imaginative and macabre ways. Like all my dreams, it was very vivid and detailed and therefore not at all pleasant. Fortunately, I almost always know I'm dreaming, and I'm rarely in my dreams (it's more like I'm an invisible bystander or watching it all on IMAX); this means that dreams like this aren't scary, per se. I didn't feel like I was in danger. But I also couldn't stop watching and that wasn't great.

Then the alarm went off and it was Monday. And it was raining. Also, I ran out of hot water in the shower.

Then R was all short tempered and snappy. This is very unusual and is a direct result of his anxiety about his dissertation. He's almost finished with it, but is under time pressure and is, you know, acting human. But knowing that doesn't make it any more pleasant for me. Especially first thing in the morning. So I retreated to my office, grumbling under my breath.

However, instead of the work I had planned to do, I was met by an email requesting that I do different work. And it's due today, so rush rush rush.

Also, I'm wearing my last clean pair of underwear* and I need to wash pants and all the dog bed covers need washed. I don't even want to talk about that last thing.

*Technically this is a lie. I have plenty of clean underwear, but not the kind I prefer to wear, which are soft and anti-chaffing.

So, kicked in the shins. Hopefully the bruise is gone by this afternoon, when the sun comes out and my husband comes home in a better mood. However, the forecast doesn't look good.

P.S. Shortly after I posted this, I spilled hot chocolate on my laptop (it's drying - wish me luck) and then when I was rinsing out my cup in the sink, somehow water ran all down the inside of the arm of my sweatshirt. Le sigh.

P.P.S. I just tried to flush the toilet and the handle broke off inside the tank. No joke. I will stop touching things for the rest of the day.

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