Thursday, April 26, 2012

As Promised

I give you pictures of the work we did on our new house. There isn't much else going on in this entry, so feel free to leave. But if you are interested in glimpsing the amount of manual labor that goes into redoing your floors, have a peak.
Here's the main room upstairs:
The carpet we removed (And donated to Habitat for Humanity's Restore - recycle and/or reuse whenever possible. Okay, that's the end of the public service announcement.). See all those specks to either side of the carpet? Yeah, those are staples. We had to remove all of them. Also all the nail board around the edge of the room. The prep work was tedious and character building.
 The boxes we lugged to and fro. Each box weighed 45 lbs and they didn't stack themselves.
 The work in progress.
And, Ta Da! A completed room with floors and furniture and everything.

But wait, there's more! Here's some pics of the family room:
 More (heavier) carpet. On this floor, instead of staples we had to scrape off glue. Also, not shown, the enormous amount of carpet pad that had to be disposed of.
 After the floor was prepped, there was painting to do.
Then more lugging of boxes, more cleaning, etc. Also, note that plastic has to lay over the concrete. fortunately, this flooring was pad-attached, or else we would have had to lay padding as well.
And we are left with a beautiful floor! I am very pleased with both the color and the pattern of this laminate. It is very realistic looking with a lot of pattern variability. It's Timberland Western Pecan, if you're wondering.
P.S. We hired a contractor to help us with the tricky bits (around the fireplace, the angles of the bar, and just to ensure that everything was square). To save money, R and I did all the prep work and the contractor let us use his tools when he wasn't around, so we could do the easier runs ourselves. I highly recommend this arrangement.
This is what the dogs did while we were bustin' our butts.

And, what do yo know? They still do it, but now more comfortably.

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