Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maybe A Vortex? Under The Bed?

SO, as I mentioned here, I planned to share before and after pictures of the new house and all the crazy manual labor that happened after we bought it. I am happy to report that those pictures now digital form*. The real barrier to sharing them with you is that I haven't found the cable to my camera.

*The majority of said pictures obviously existed before. I do not yet have a time machine, so the before and during pictures were, in fact, taken before and during the manual labor. I just hadn't gotten around to the after pictures. Just thought I should clarify. No time machine yet.

The fuck?

I have unpacked 95% of the house and apparently my box o' cables is in the other 5%. Maybe its a ninja box? Because there are not many more places left to look. Or, perhaps it took off with the box of super important papers that my husband put somewhere so they would be easy to find? I don't know. Maybe this new house is a portal to another dimension. A dimension desperately in need of USB cables.

In the meantime, enjoy this poor quality webcam snapshot taken through a dirty window. This is the view from my home office!

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