Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!

You may recall my previous post where I discussed my detailed plan to dye my hair blue. Well, I did it. Hair = blue.

I am smug in my badassery. Behold! My head, it is a primary color! (insert swelling, theatrical music here)

Actually, you can't behold, because I need to charge my camera in order to take a picture. know...I got stuff to do. But, in order to accomplished my previously detailed plan, which included sending pictures of my blue hair to my parents (see Step 5), I will have to get on that. So, I promise to post a picture of my ridiculous self and my awesome blue hair soon. Maybe even today. Maybe.

Along a similar thread, I have not yet left the house with my blue hair. I'm going to have to do that. 'Tis scary.

Finally, I did follow through with all steps of previously detailed and aforementioned plan, including my appointment with my new OB. Yes, I have decided to keep him. (What can I say? He followed me home.*) He gave me the all clear; R and I are free to conceive our first child...when we get around to it, in a couple months...after I have gotten to go snowboarding. **

*I joke. He was great and answered lots of questions, but did not have the time available to follow me home.

**I've been living in Ohio for years and years (where there are NO mountains and very little snow) and I want to go snowboarding before I get all bloated and pukey. Also, I want to end my third trimester in cooler weather if at all possible. Is my freakish level of planning and need for control showing?

So, wait breathlessly until I return with pictures. Or leave me virtual tisk tisk's for dyeing my hair. Or post pictures of YOUR outrageous hair. Or check back later to what other silly things I've been up to. Or don't. Them be your options.

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