Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some General Info

AKA I can't believe I'm blogging.

We have recently managed to move to the exact location we've been dreaming of moving to for years. By we, I mean my husband and our two giant dogs, Karma and Odin.

My husband managed to beat out 79 people and land his dream job! (Yay! My husband is awesome!) I managed to keep my job and am now working from home. It's this last bit that has led to random, I can't believe I'm doing this, blogging.

I'm home a lot, and working a lot. But, there is the need for social outreach that Facebook alone cannot provide. Or, I just think I'm very clever and want a forum where I can blather on and on - even if it's only to myself. Kind of like a child's tea party, except on the internet instead of in my head. goes. Momentous occasion and blah blah blah. Cheers!

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