Friday, November 4, 2011

Work Related Fun

Grant writing is not a lot of fun. I know, right? Shocking! But there it is.

To make a boring task more exciting, the organization that I work most closely with (a.k.a. the agency that needs external help the most often, as in all the time) mixes thing up for me by do I put this delicately? Not, umm, well. They do not have their shit together. Yeah, that's about right.

Grant due Wednesday. Necessary details needed to complete grant, yeah, they might show up Tuesday night. And tra la la la la, la la la la. 'Tis awesome. This does not cause me any stress.

*shoves pencil in ear and smiles maniacally* Ahhh, my unmet need for control is crushing me! What about my not procrastinating life philosophy??! Is death!

Wrap up whiny rant from privileged, middle-class American...and...scene!

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