Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's spring and I'm still nesting

So much has been done and so much still needs to do. Top of the to-do list is stop adding to the to-do list!!

On the bright side, my yard looks great* because I was out there pulling weeds and tiding up plant beds. I ran out of time and stamina and didn't get to planting the flower bulbs I had purchased and it turns out that I dodged a bullet on that one, since it has been a wintery mix ever since. The weather cycles between snow, rain, and hail, with the occasional burst of sunshine and a rainbow here or there. It's very much spring, but maybe not warm enough for flowers just yet.

*Great is a relative term reflecting my own standards of yard maintenance and not those of my neighbors.

And can I take a moment to bask in my own accomplishments? I have purchased flower bulbs. I feel like such an adult! Like, I can take care of plants well enough inside my house (most of them stay alive, so I'm counting that as a win) that I have expanded to include outdoor plant responsibilities.

I'm toying with what we'll be planting in our garden beds this year. Last year I had this fabulous scarlet runner tepee and we are definitely doing that again.

Glorious. glorious bean tepee!
Let's just hope that things warm up enough to plant before this baby arrives!

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