Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Slow and Painful Death

There is a direct relationship between posting more and people actually looking (and maybe even reading?) my blog. My ego clamors for more, but my head, it is stuffed with cold medicine and snot. I don't know why there is so much snot in there. The rate of mucus production boggles the mind. I'm seriously.
We took a trip back to Ohio so R could defend his dissertation. On the way, I picked up an invisible passenger whose presence made me worry that my throat was bleeding. By the next morning, the mucus. A week later, still mucus. Not only did I have very little fun on our short trip to Ohio, I also had to feel like a jerk for transporting my virus there* AND a work deadline got bumped up so I had to try and work on the plane and in airports while my eardrums thrummed because high altitudes + head cold = unbearable pain.
I have been super cranky and miserable and hating Netflix for dropping all the things I really wanted to see just in time for me to be sick and laying on the couch. On the bright side, I have read approximately 10 pounds of books** and started playing Resident Evil (because, paradoxically, seeing zombies makes me feel better and destroying them is cathartic).
I'm trying to come up with something funny to say to wrap this up, but my mind is blank and all the voices in my head have sore throats. Until next time, may your virus load not reach critical mass.

* I promise that I used copious amounts of hand sanitizer. This wasn't enough to save me, but I hope it cock blocked the virus from infecting my friends.
** I'm a Stephen King fan.

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